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Convert DIVX to MOV/QuickTime

DIVX to MOV Converter Software converts DIVX files to MOV with H.264 or MPEG-4 video codecs. The MOV is QuickTime File Format (QTFF) used natively by the QuickTime application. The MOV is very common on Mac OS like WMV on Windows. It's a great tool for converting format when transferring file to Mac OS. The DIVX to MOV Converter Software also supports other video, audio, and device formats, for example, MKA, Windows Phone, PPM image sequence, ASF, Xvid, OGM, TIFF image sequence, etc. The software could convert OGV to iPod, XVID to FLAC, VOB to FLAC, VOB to BMP image sequence, AVI to MPG, and so on.

DIVX to MOV Converter Software supports batch conversion and, is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (both x86 and 64-bit platforms).

DIVX to MOV Converter Software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, and 2000

What is DIVX?
DivX is a popular format for videos and movies downloaded from peer-to-peer networks on the Internet. DivX Plus HD is a marketing name for a file type using the standard Matroska media container format (.mkv), rather than the proprietary DivX Media Format. The DivX codec uses lossy MPEG-4 Part 2 compression, also known as MPEG-4 ASP, where quality is balanced against file size for utility. The DivX format is recognized by several software video playback programs as well as some DVD players and other consumer electronics. The main competitors of DivX Inc. in the proprietary commercial software market are Microsoft corporation, Google Inc. and Apple Inc. In much the same way that media formats such as DVD specify MPEG-2 video as a part of their specification, the DivX Media Format specifies MPEG-4-compatible video as a part of its specification. If you want to use DivX files in a program that does not support DivX files, you will first need to convert the file to a file type that the program supports, such as Quicktime. Many newer "DivX Certified" DVD players are able to play DivX encoded movies, although the Qpel and global motion compensation features are often omitted to reduce processing requirements. DivX cannot be read by every computer program, though. It is one of several codecs commonly associated with "ripping", whereby audio and video multimedia are transferred to a hard disk and transcoded. That means that a full film can be fitted into a CD. What is important, the .divx files retain much of the original quality of the DVD, sometimes the result is even indistinguishable from the source. Hence all DivX certified devices bearing a DivX logo will adhere to one of the profiles outlined in the table below as would any tools that support the DivX profiles.

What is MOV?
MOV is the file format and media file extension for the QuickTime player. The multimedia container files store audio, video, text and more for specific use with the Mac operating system. The ability to contain abstract data references for the media data, and the separation of the media data from the media offsets and the track edit lists means that QuickTime is particularly suited for editing, as it is capable of importing and editing in place (without data copying). As a multimedia stardand, QuickTime is not purely linear. It could contain interactivity and causes problems when converting to other video formats. Quicktime is a multimedia development, storage, and playback technology from Apple. Using a Quicktime player that either comes with a Web browser or can be downloaded from Apple or the browser company, you can view and control brief multimedia sequences. It also accepted by Windows-based systems. Most media players and video editors accept the .mov movie format, making it one of the most versatile formats available on your computer. A .mov video file is in the default format for all Mac computers. If you're emailing a clip or simply need more storage space, set the preferences for files that use the MOV extension to make the most efficient use of your storage space. QuickTime was developed by Apple for use as a standard media application for the Mac operating system. It is a proprietary format, but playable on both Apple and Windows-based computers. Apple provides a version of QuickTime for free (and is automatically installed with the latest versions of iTunes) that can easily handle the MOV video files. Other file formats that QuickTime supports natively (to varying degrees) include AIFF, WAV, DV-DIF, MP3, and MPEG program stream.

How to Convert DIVX to MOV/QuickTime?

  1. Free Download DIVX to MOV Converter Software
  2. Install the Program by Step-by-step Instructions
  3. Launch DIVX to MOV Software
  4. Choose DIVX Files
  5. Click Add Files

    Click "Add Files" to choose DIVX files.

    Choose one or more DIVX files

    Choose one or more DIVX files you want to convert and then click Open. DIVX to MOV Software will open DIVX files and get file information of the file such as width, height, frame rate, video bit rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate, audio channels, and then display the information of DIVX file at conversion list.

    DIVX File Information

  6. Choose Output Format
  7. to MOV

    Click on combo box of output format and then choose "to MOV".

  8. [Optional, for advanced user] Set MOV Encoding Parameters
  9. Click Options

    If you want to change MOV encoding parameters such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, aspect ratio, audio codec, and so on, please click "Options".

    MOV Encoding Parameters

    And then, switch to tab "Video & Audio" and choose "MOV" at "Output Format", and then set options for video and audio encoding.

    You could choose H.264 or MPEG-4 for video codec. The audio codec is AAC only.

  10. Convert DIVX to MOV
  11. Click Convert

    Click "Convert" to convert all DIVX files in list to MOV format.

    Converting DIVX to MOV

    The software is converting DIVX files to MOV.

  12. Play and Browse MOV File
  13. Play and Browse MOV File

    When conversion completes, you can right-click converted item and choose "Play Destination" to play the outputted MOV file; or choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the outputted MOV file.

  14. Done

DIVX to MOV Software is 100% clean and safe to install. It's certified by major download sites.
DIVX to MOV Software is 100% Clean!

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