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Convert OGG to iPad

The iPad supports H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats.

OGG to iPad Converter Software could convert OGG files to iPad compatible video and audio format with high quality easily. The software supports both H.264 and MPEG-4 codecs. The software also supports popular formats and portable devices such as 3GP, AMR, MKV, JPG image sequence, 3G2, TS, OGG Vorbis, etc. The software could convert RM to M4V, H263 to AMR, H264 to AC3, MOD to OGG, WMV to FLAC, and so on.

OGG to iPad Converter Software supports batch conversion and, is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

OGG to iPad Converter Software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, and 2000

What is OGG?
Ogg is only a container format. The actual audio or video encoded by a codec is stored inside an Ogg container. Ogg containers may contain streams encoded with multiple codecs, for example, a video file with sound contains data encoded by both an audio codec and a video codec. While Ogg is playable by many software programs, it is not nearly as well supported as MP3, particularly in the realm of personal digital audio players and MP3 players. The OGG file type is most commonly associated with the audio compression program Vorbis. These files are typically used to store compressed audio, but can also be used for video streams. Ogg is well regarded as an open-source format that maintains good audio quality vs. file size. MP3 is the industry-standard digital audio format. Vorbis files (which have an .ogg extension) compress to a smaller size than MP3 files, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. According to many reports, Vorbis provides better sound quality than MP3. The bitstream format for Vorbis I was frozen Monday, May 8th 2000. All bitstreams encoded since will remain compatible with all future releases of Vorbis. The Ogg container format can multiplex a number of independent streams for audio, video, text (such as subtitles), and metadata. Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for mid to high quality (8kHz-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel. This places Vorbis in the same competitive class as audio representations such as MPEG-4 (AAC), and similar to, but higher performance than MPEG-1/2 audio layer 3, MPEG-4 audio (TwinVQ), WMA and PAC.

What is iPad?
A new handheld tablet computing device from Apple Inc. that first launched in January 2010. The iPad is designed for consumers who want a mobile device that is bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop for entertainment multimedia. The back of the iPad is a cool silver color, like a dull chrome, and features the omnipresent Apple logo. The front of the iPad is mostly screen, with a few buttons - "Home", "Sleep", "Lock Screen Rotation", and "Volume". Lots of accessories are available, from cases to larger keyboard ports, with the idea being that people could integrate the iPad into the technology they already own. Apple's first tablet computer was the Newton MessagePad 100, introduced in 1993, which led to the creation of the ARM6 processor core with Acorn Computers. Apple also developed a prototype PowerBook Duo-based tablet, the PenLite, but decided not to sell it in order to avoid hurting MessagePad sales. Apple released several more Newton-based PDAs; the final one, the MessagePad 2100, was discontinued in 1998. Apps come in a wide variety, from news updating services from the publications like the New York Times to the ability to edit video captured video with iMovie. With the on-board cameras, you can use communications apps like FaceTime to make video calls over the internet. There are also a myriad of games available to play, both free and fee-based. Several major book publishers including Penguin Books, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan have committed to publishing books for the iPad. Despite being a direct competitor to both the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, both and Barnes & Noble have made Kindle & Nook apps available for the iPad.

How to Convert OGG to iPad?

  1. Free Download OGG to iPad Conversion Software
  2. Install the Program by Step-by-step Instructions
  3. Launch OGG to iPad Software
  4. Choose OGG Files

  5. Click Add Files
    Click "Add Files" to choose OGG files.

    Choose one or more OGG files
    Choose one or more OGG files you want to convert and then click Open. OGG to iPad Software will open OGG files and get file information of the file such as width, height, frame rate, video bit rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate, audio channels, and then display the information of OGG file at conversion list.

    OGG File Information

  6. Choose Output Format

  7. to iPad
    Click on combo-box of output format and then choose "to iPad".

  8. [Optional, for advanced user] Set iPad Encoding Parameters

    Click Options
    If you want to change iPad encoding parameters such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, aspect ratio, audio codec, and so on, please click "Options".

    iPad Encoding Parameters
    And then, switch to tab "Video & Audio" and choose "iPad" at "Output Format", and then set options for video and audio encoding.

    The iPad supports H.264 and MPEG-4 codec for video. Video size could be either 720x480, 720x576, 960x540, 1024x576, or 1280x720. You can customized the size manually.

  9. Convert OGG to iPad

  10. Click Convert
    Click "Convert" to convert all OGG files in list to iPad format.

    Converting OGG to iPad
    The software is converting OGG files to iPad.

  11. Play and Browse iPad File

  12. Play and Browse iPad File
    When conversion completes, you can right-click converted item and choose "Play Destination" to play the outputted iPad file; or choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the outputted iPad file.

  13. Done

OGG to iPad Software is 100% clean and safe to install. It's certified by major download sites.
OGG to iPad Software is 100% Clean!

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