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RM to 3GP Converter

Convert RM to 3GP

The article introduces how to convert converts RM files to 3GP with an easy-to-use RM to 3GP Converter Software. The software could encode 3GP file with different codecs such as H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, AMR-NB, and AAC. It's an ideal 3GP converter for your mobile phone. Besides 3GP, the software supports popular formats such as MP2, CAF (Core Audio Format), 3G2, VOC, H.264, AC3, SWF, etc. The software could convert WebM to ASF, MKV to FLAC, WMV to MPG, RM to MOV, DVD to MP2, and so on.

RM to 3GP Software supports batch conversion and, is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

RM to 3GP Converter Software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, and 2000

What is RM?
RMVB (Real Media Video) is a multimedia container format capable of storing audio and video data. In many cases, web pages do not link directly to a RealAudio file. Instead, they link to a .ram (Real Audio Metadata) or SMIL file. This is a small text file containing a link to the audio stream. Below is a list of the video compression formats and the version in which each was introduced: rv10, rv13: RealVideo 1.0, based on H.263 (included with RealPlayer 5); rv20: RealVideo G2 and RealVideo G2+SVT, also based on h.263 (included with RealPlayer 6); rv30: RealVideo 8, suspected to based largely on an early draft of H.264 (included with RealPlayer 8); rv40: RealVideo 9, suspected to be based on H.264 (included with RealPlayer 9); rv40: RealVideo 10, aka RV9 EHQ (included with RealPlayer 10). This refers to an improved encoder for the RV9 format that is fully backwards compatible with RV9 players - the format and decoder did not change, only the encoder did. As a result it uses the same FourCC. RealVideo can be played from a RealMedia file or streamed over the network using the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), a standard protocol for streaming media developed by the IETF. However, RealNetworks uses RTSP only to set up and manage the connection. The actual video data is sent with their own proprietary Real Data Transport (RDT) protocol. This tactic has drawn criticism because it made it difficult to use RealVideo with other player and server software. However, the open source MPlayer project has now developed software capable of playing the RDT streams. The latest version of RealPlayer that can run on Windows 9x is RealPlayer 8; but this version can be easily modified to play RealPlayer 9 and 10 files, by the manual addition of just three .dll files (codecs and plugins), from Microsoft's free distribution of RealPlayer 10, that aren't included in RealPlayer 8 Basic.

What is 3GP?
3GP is a required file format for video and associated speech/audio media types and timed text in ETSI 3GPP technical specifications for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) and Transparent end-to-end Packet-switched Streaming Service (PSS). 3GP is defined in the ETSI 3GPP technical specification. The 3GP is structurally based on the ISO base media file format defined in ISO/IEC 14496-12 - MPEG-4 Part 12, but older versions of the 3GP file format did not use some of its features. Some newer/higher-end phones without 3G capabilities may also playback and record in this format (again, with said limitations). 3GPP is based on the MPEG-4 standard which was derived from Apple's QuickTime. It also contains descriptions of image sizes and bitrate. 3GPP file format was designed for GSM-based Phones and may have the filename extension ".3gp". QuickTime 6.5 includes support for key components of the 3GPP and 3GPP2 specifications. 3GPP is the new worldwide standards for the creation, delivery and playback of multimedia over 3rd generation, high-speed wireless networks. These extensions were registered by the registration authority for code-points in ISO base media file format ("MP4 Family" files). Some cell phones use the .mp4 extension for 3GP video. A 3GP file is always big-endian, storing and transferring the most significant bytes first. Defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project and 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 respectively, these standards seek to provide uniform delivery of rich multimedia over newly evolved, broadband mobile networks (3rd generation networks) to the latest multimedia-enabled wireless devices.

How to Convert RM to 3GP?

  1. Free Download RM to 3GP Converter Software
  2. Install the Program by Step-by-step Instructions
  3. Launch RM to 3GP Software
  4. Choose RM Files

  5. Click Add Files
    Click "Add Files" to choose RM files.

    Choose one or more RM files
    Choose one or more RM files you want to convert and then click Open. RM to 3GP Software will open RM files and get file information of the file such as width, height, frame rate, video bit rate, audio sample rate, audio bit rate, audio channels, and then display the information of RM file at conversion list.

    RM File Information

  6. Choose Output Format

  7. to 3GP
    Click on combo box of output format and then choose "to 3GP".

  8. [Optional, for advanced user] Set 3GP Encoding Parameters

    Click Options
    If you want to change 3GP encoding parameters such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, aspect ratio, audio codec, and so on, please click "Options".

    3GP Encoding Parameters
    And then, switch to tab "Video & Audio" and choose "3GP" at "Output Format", and then set options for video and audio encoding.

  9. Convert RM to 3GP

  10. Click Convert
    Click "Convert" to convert all RM files in list to 3GP format.

    Converting RM to 3GP
    The software is converting RM files to 3GP.

  11. Play and Browse 3GP File

  12. Play and Browse 3GP File
    When conversion completes, you can right-click converted item and choose "Play Destination" to play the outputted 3GP file; or choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the outputted 3GP file.

  13. Done

RM to 3GP Software is 100% clean and safe to install. It's certified by major download sites.
RM to 3GP Software is 100% Clean!

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